Ruling the Mythical Aquatic Kingdom- Atlantis Queen Slot

Ruling the Mythical Aquatic Kingdom- Atlantis Queen Slot

April 9, 2018 Off By William Beck

Atlantis Queen takes players into a fantasy world where they can discover the secrets of a lost city while playing an adventure themed slots game. Game symbols include treasure chests, colorful fish, and many other water themed pictures.

The Atlantis Queen Slots game is a 5 reel game, with 25 lines. The story behind this game is that the mermaid called Poseidon will take players on a journey in order to find buried treasure. The 3D animations and colorful designs included in this game are quite pleasing to the eye. The actual game play experience is of a good standard, and is of a quality that online players have come to expect.

Jackpot Symbol

If a player comes across the Poseidon statue, they should be aware that this serves as the jackpot symbol for this particular slots game. The jackpot payout per line is 5,000 coins. If a player is able to win the jackpot, they will be awarded with a take home of 125,000 points. Just the jackpot itself makes this slots game attractive to players.

Betting Range

The betting range in Atlantis Queen ranges from 0.01 coins up to 50 coins. It is up to each player to decide how many coins they would like to bet on each spin.

Players should remember to look at the paytable for Atlantis Queen. The paytable will indicate what the symbols mean in the game, and the payouts that come with lining up specific symbols.

This slots game includes an auto play option. By tapping the auto play button on the game interface, this feature can be used to auto spin up to 99 times.

Bonuses and Free Spins

The game includes some interesting bonuses which players should certainly be aware of. As with most other slots games, these bonuses are what make this slots game so attractive.

The pearl bonus is the first bonus that is made available Players must have three mermaids show up on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels in order to open up the bonus game. Players then receive a variety of prizes at random from the pearls.

The second bonus is the pick-em bonus game. In this game, players are able to choose a number of free spins, or multipliers, or even added scatters if they would like. In order to claim the pick-em bonus, players need to aim at getting three or more Atlantis symbols to show up anywhere on the reels. This will then reveal the pick-em bonus.

Atlantis Queen Game Play

Playing Atlantis Queen is fairly straightforward. Players must start off by selecting the number of pay lines, and also the line bet level. Then all that is left is to press the spin button, and the game will start.

The information button that is provided as part of the game will provide a summary of how the game works, how the betting works, as well as the slots games paytable.

As with many other online slots games and digital online blackjack games, the bet max button will automatically select the maximum bet for the next spin. In most cases, in order to go for the big jackpot, players will need to place the maximum bet.