Coffee Time Slots Reviewed for Internet Casino Players

Coffee Time Slots Reviewed for Internet Casino Players

June 30, 2020 Off By William Beck

Coffee Time is a Viaden video slots game that is available both online and on mobile devices, focusing on a theme based on the coffee break. The Coffee Time video slots game offers its players three reels with five pay lines to play on. The entire game takes place on one screen, with no additional screens that usually pop up for the bonus rounds. Indeed, there are no bonus rounds in the Coffee Time video slots game. However, the game does offer its players a two-time multiplier if they happen to land the two-time multiplier symbol in a winning combination.

Coffee Time Theme and Symbols

The symbols of the Coffee Time video slots game are directly related to the theme of the coffee break, though they do expand slightly beyond this to include chocolate bars, various cocktails, and gift packages. The symbols in the game are a black coffee, a half-opened chocolate bar, two different types of cocktails, one woman with a cocktail, one woman with a phone, a pink gift box, and a heart. Like functions at online NRL betting sites, all symbols are well-designed, with clear graphics and lots of detail.

The whole game is very pink in its theme. The background is the silhouette of the city, with a lady on the left side of the reels and the pay table presented underneath her. The reels are taller and thinner than in standard slot machines featuring three reels.

If players hit a winning combination, a message appears above the reels, but this is a feature that may be switched off in the game’s settings.

There are two different background tracks that can be played. These will either play out alternatively or, if players prefer one over the other, they can set to have just one playing in the game’s settings. The one background track is smoother with a jazz lounge feel to it, while the other is a faster tune with more of a disco feel to it.

Coffee Time Symbol Payouts

The top paying symbol in the Coffee Time casino video slots game is represented by the icon of the woman on the phone. Landing three of these woman on the phone symbols will reward players with a cash payout of seven hundred and fifty coins. The woman with the cocktail is the next highest paying symbol, and landing three of these will reward players with a payout of two hundred coins. From there payouts drop down to sixty coins when landing three bright pink gift box symbols. If players land three of the heart symbols, coffee symbols, or any of the cocktail symbols, then they will receive a cash payout prize of forty coins. Lastly, if players land three chocolate bar symbols, they will receive five coins as a cash payout.

Coffee Time Additional Payouts

Even though the Coffee Time winning combination coin pay outs are not extravagant and there are no bonus features to help players win more, the game does include certain factors that may up player’s winning chances and even help them win more.

For one, all wins will be doubled if they occur in combination with the landing of a two-time multiplier symbol.

Then, symbols in the Coffee Time video slot game very often appear stacked on the reels, which means that players can receive multiple wins and enjoy the game with multiple payouts at the same time.