Boxing Betting Down Under

Boxing Betting Down Under

October 10, 2018 Off By William Beck

Boxing Betting Down Under

Boxing as a sport has travelled a far way, with the first organized boxing match stemming from as far back as B.C 688, in Ancient Greece, it was only from around the 16th century that the sports started to gather momentum as a prize-fighters-sporting event. 

Aussies in quest of top boxing bouts should consider each boxing division and the types of fights within the division, which vary in tenacity and odds structures. The majority of boxing odds are reflected by the skill level, track record, injuries and other structured events directly affecting the fighters taking part in the match.

A Look At The Amateurs

Amateur boxing is for the young guns making their way up into the more senior ranks. Greatly hailed as one of the most competitive sports, amateur boxing has plenty of action. With the sport accepted into the Olympics, punters in quest of amateur boxing bouts will be delighted by the extreme variety of fighters and odds present in matches.

Aussies can access amateur boxing at leading events including but not limited to the Olympic games, the Commonwealth games, the World Championships and the Pan American games. All of these events have one great commonality; all fighters here are hungry and eager to prove themselves on the world stage. Australian Punters opting for amateur boxing should research fighters thoroughly before backing a single fighter.

The Professional Bouts

The professional bouts are in a different boxing league. There is no room for error, with gigantic blow by blow action and rounds lasting anywhere from six up to a thumping twelve grueling rounds, fighters in the professional league are far more conditioned and are easier to spot as trending greats.

Due to the nature of professional boxing, punters will notice that odd structures within professional boxing are far more stable. There is little volatility as the majority of the fighters are all from the same cut. Professional boxing is down to raw fitness, endurance and brutal strength, factors that cannot always be accounted for on paper. Research a fighter’s consistent performance here to place the most valuable bets.

Best Boxing Betting Types

The most reputable boxing-betting bookmakers will offer Aussies a wide selection of boxing betting types. Boxing is a dance between two men, a brutal and hard dance, yet a dance none the less. Like all dances there is a set formula and structure to follow. Master the basics and you will have mastered your opponent.

With this in mind Aussies in quest of the best boxing betting types should only consider the most basic bets that have the potential to yield lucrative winnings.

Back An Outright Winner

Seasoned bettors from Australia will be familiar with outright betting sites options. These are the simplest types of bets that back a single winner to win the bout outright. Any outright bet in boxing should be considered holistically. Punters should research both fighters individually in order to gather a holistic match view. A top tip is to check the fighters track record against opponents of similar standings and weigh in on current stats, if the fighter has shown even more improvement it would be a good call to back that particular fighter.

Bet On Totals

In totals, a bookmaker will forecast a total number of rounds. Punters then have the opportunity to wager on the outcome that is based on over or under the total amount set out by the bookmaker.

Bet On Match Outcome

This type of bet is sometime one of the most interesting. In the match outcome Aussies have the opportunity to predict how the match will end. Will there be a knockout? Or will the fight go to the judges’ scorecard?