Rise Of Ra Slot Review for Players at Internet Casino Sites

Rise Of Ra Slot Review for Players at Internet Casino Sites

July 4, 2019 Off By William Beck

Legend has it that the Ancient Egyptian pharaohs were direct descendants of the gods themselves, and the fact that these rulers were buried in their tombs with treasures to see them through the afterlife has led to much plunder. EGT Software’s Rise Of Ra slot now allows players to do this without having to leave their home; work; or wherever they may be accessing the game from. This Egyptian-themed real money game whisks players off to the burial tomb of the sun god, Ra, and players will be hunting up treasure chests and other ancient artefacts as they set the reels to spinning.

There are no limits as to who can interact with Rise Of Ra slot, and, thanks to the mobile availability, no restrictions as to where, either. Players are invited to make their fortune by means of personal computers; laptops; smartphones and tablets from wherever they are able to secure a steady internet connection.

Uncovering the Treasure with Rise Of Ra Slot

Rise Of Ra slot holds a wealth of treasure for players to take advantage of, and buried within the tombs are the mummified dogs killed to accompany the kings to the afterlife, as well as flesh-eating scarab beetles that would have destroyed the decaying flesh from these mighty rulers were it not for the mummification process. Players that persevere, however, will find themselves richly rewarded.

Players who manage to locate the treasure chests; vases or ankhs will be 2 000 coins richer, and this amount rises to 2 500 for those who stumble across the mummified dogs. Sarcophagi and Ra’s all-seeing eye will increase the reward to 5 000 coins, and the hieroglyphs that pepper the reels could boost bankrolls by 8 000 coins. Ra’s royal mistress or the sun god himself will win players 15 000 coins, and the scarab beetles hold the key to the richest treasure of them all: players stand to take home 200 000 coins for these critters.

Rise Of Ra Pokies

Special Bonus Features for Rise Of Ra Slot

Players will need to keep their wits about them as the scarabs go wild and munch their way across the reels, consuming other symbols and creating more winning paylines on their behalf, doubling the prizes for these as they do so. The scatters will also be able to award enormous instant prizes of as many as 150 000 coins, and are responsible for triggering the free spins portion of Rise Of Ra slot play, with 15 complimentary turns of the reels being awarded whenever three appear. During the free spins section, all wins will triple in value, and players are able to retrigger these as they are playing out.

There is also the chance to make away with one of the four jackpots available for Rise Of Ra slot by means of the jackpot card bonus that EGT Software has provided. Players select cards, working their way through four levels, until one of these jackpots is randomly awarded.

As in many available Android pokies AU, players who make any win to the value of 10 500 coins or less will also be able to gamble their total if they wish to. Those who correctly guess the colour of the facedown card displayed onscreen will double whatever amount of money they have wagered.