Find out what’s new in Two Mayans Online Video Slot

Find out what’s new in Two Mayans Online Video Slot

October 1, 2019 Off By William Beck

If you are searching for an online slot that is based on the Ancient Mayan theme, then search no further, because the Novomatic Software Company brings you the Two Mayans Online Video Slot.

This slot features 5 reels, three rows and 25 possible paylines. The betting options brought to you by the Two Mayans Online Video slot ranges from as little as 2 credits and increasing to a maximum bet of 400 credits per payline, with the maximum stake per spin coming in at 10 000 credits.

Two Mayans Slot Symbols

The symbols portrayed in the Two Mayans Online Video Slot are true to the culture of the Mayans. You can expect to see anything from stone signage to classic coins, masks and pyramids.  Also keep an eye out for the playing card symbols from 10 to Ace.

The Two Mayans Online Video Slot title in flaming blue represents the Wild symbol of the slot.  The Wild symbol has the ability to replace any other symbol in order to complete a winning combination, with the exception of the bonus symbol.

The other powerful symbol in addition to the Wild symbol is the Bonus symbol. When the Bonus symbol appears on Reels 1 and 5, the bonus round will be activated.

Bonus Features And Jackpot

The Two Mayans Mobile Slots Canada bonus feature is none other than the ever-popular Free Spins Bonus Round. The free spins round comes with a bit of a twist as it also features a double up for winnings. The free spins feature is not limited to a fixed number of spins, but rather carries on until the bonus symbols reappear on reel 1 and 5.  Once this happens, the free spins round is complete, and all winnings will be redirected to your bank roll.

Two Mayans Online Video Slot does not make provision for a Progressive Jackpot, but the bonus round offers lucrative winning opportunities.

Two Mayans Interface

Two Mayans Online Video Slot has been translated into various European languages in order to make the slot accessible to a wide range of players.

You can access an information tab to familiarise yourself with the slot, with how it works and to learn the general rules of play. You can also view the paytable and view the different winning totals for different combinations. The maximum payout of the Two Mayans Online Video slot is limited to 2000 times your bet amount.

The slot also has an Autospin function that allows you to set the slot in such a way that it spins automatically for the number of spins pre-programmed.

You can easily adjust the betting totals by using the cursors to either increase or decrease the betting amount.  You can also adjust the number of active paylines on each spin.

If the Mayan sound effects is either too loud or you need to turn up some of the Two Mayans online Video Slot charm, you can adjust the volume by using the volume indicator at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Keep in mind that you have to register to be able to play this slot, but the Two Mayans online Video Slot can either be played for fun or for real money.