Tips to Playing Online Slot Machine

Tips to Playing Online Slot Machine

April 30, 2019 Off By William Beck

Slots have got to be one of the most unpredictable games a casino can offer. While this is obvious and everyone knows it for a fact, there is still a way for you to figure out how online slots work and possibly generate a quick succession of winds through a very simple method. Thanks to the study of the algorithms used to program the online slots so they could represent their real life counterparts, there might be a scheduled amount of time where the slots are programmed to actually release winnings. The key is to withstand the losing streak and be right there when the winnings start rolling.

It Only Works on Online Slots

This is the system known to a select few of the players who chose to dedicate their time to studying the online slots in order to get an advantage. The principle is very simple. You start off by betting the minimum amount for 60 times. To get the biggest possible advantage and have the most money, you should invest a lot into your first deposit. As you know, almost every casino out there is going to match your deposit for 100% or more. Keep in mind that this works only for your first deposit. Later on your deposits might be matched for 10% to 30% of the amount, but the first deposit bonus is really going to be the largest one you can get.

Online Casino Slot Machine

Here’s How It Works

After you have ensured you have enough money to go through a long session of online slots, it is time to get the system going. As mentioned before, you should bet the minimum amount the first 60 times you spin. Keep track of the amount of times you have spun, until you reach spin number 61. From this point on your bets should be doubled to the minimum amount, and this amount should remain the same until you reach spin 140. On spin 141, repeat the cycle by reducing your bet to the minimum again, and after the 151st, double up. You should notice that, throughout the cycle, there will be a repetitive streak of losing until you reach one point and start raking in the wins. There is a 97% chance that you will be able to strike the winning streak during your cycle with this method.

Keep Track of the Spins

Keep in mind that you don’t have to start with the minimum amount allowed. If you can financially support it, you can bet any amount of money that is allowed so long as you can double the bet and still be able to afford it. The reason you should stick to the minimum and because it is much safer, and even in the unlikely chance that you won’t be able to strike the winning streak, you still won’t end up losing too much money. If you end up losing, restart the cycle and follow the rules again, keeping track of the number of spins you already went through. Try it in a few free modes like experiencing no deposit pokies, to get the feel of how it works, and then take it to a real game.