Explaining Online Pontoon – A Slightly Different Version of Blackjack

Explaining Online Pontoon – A Slightly Different Version of Blackjack

May 17, 2019 Off By William Beck

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino card games worldwide. There are millions of players who enjoy the particular mix of strategy and luck that blackjack offers. There are many card players, however, who also enjoy the principles of the accepted form of blackjack, but like playing a few games that offer some modified rules. One of these games is Pontoon. The name Pontoon can actually refer to several different card games that people like to play, but the most popular form is the version mostly played in online casinos.

Aim of the Game is Also to Score 21

Pontoon and blackjack are similar in that both games require players and the dealer trying to score 21. The game of Pontoon is played with anything from two to eight decks of cards. The aim of the games is to get as close to the score of 21 without going over that number, while still having a higher total than the dealer. This is done through acquiring a hand of cards which have the standard combination of values as in blackjack, like ten points for picture cards, and all the number cards are worth their printed value. An Ace can be worth either one or eleven points, and suits are not of any importance. The best possible hand is called a pontoon, and consists of an Ace and any ten point card.

The next best hand is a five card trick. This is any five card hand that has not busted, regardless of value. After that all hands are ranked according to their value. The higher the better, just as long as you aim for a score of 21 or less. All hands worth 22 points or more are busted, and you are considered to have lost that round.

Dealer’s Two Cards are Face Down

At the beginning of each round of online Pontoon, each player is dealt two cards face up, while the dealer’s hand is dealt face down, instead of only one card dealt face down in blackjack. The dealer will check for a pontoon, and if he has one that round will end immediately, and all players lose. Players can always decide to receive more cards, but may only stand if they have at least fifteen points or if they have a five card hand. The face down cards that the dealer receives does make it harder to decide on your next move, as you will have no clue what the dealer’s hand holds. On the other hand, your strategy in online Pontoon is made a little simpler, as you don’t have to worry about the dealer’s hand, as you cannot see it. You only need to consider the cards in your own hand, and make your decisions according to the value of the cards you hold.

The dealer will win all ties in online pontoon, whereas in blackjack the player will win in a tie. In online pontoon you must beat the dealer to win.

Strategies a Little Easier Than in Blackjack

Pontoon is an interesting variation on blackjack, and as the strategy and rules are a little easier to learn, the game is sometimes more popular with casino players than the original blackjack. The odds in Pontoon are also better than those found in blackjack. In fact, online Pontoon provides players with some of the best odds to be found in online gaming.