iPad Craps Online

iPad Craps Online

May 23, 2018 Off By William Beck

The Rich History of Craps

Craps is a popular casino dice game in which players wager money against other players or the house by using a variety of different, and often complex, bets, all in the hopes of striking it lucky with a big cash win. Craps is believed to be a combination of the age-old English game Hazard and a variation of the French game Crabes, from which its name may be derived. It is widely accepted that the game of Hazard that craps so closely resembles was invented by the English aristocrat Sir William of Tyre along with his knights and armies during the Crusade. However, there is also evidence that forms of Hazard date as far back as the Roman Empire, where the game was played with dice made from shaved pigs’ knuckles – the probable origin of the term “throwing the bones”.

The game of Hazard soon spread rapidly through England during the middle ages, remaining a firm favourite for centuries where it still remains so to this day. The game then spread to France in the 1700’s, and the USA soon after, where one John H. Winn revolutionised the game, improving the layout, adding various unique features and creating the same much-loved game of craps that we know today.

iPad Craps Player Benefits

In modern times, the game of craps has expanded to include a much broader range of game platforms. A notably popular addition to these platforms is that of iPad craps play. iPad craps games offer iPad-based players all the intensity of a game of craps at a land-based casino without requiring these players to spend precious time or money travelling to enjoy their favourite dice games. These games have been specifically designed to perform smoothly with iPad operating systems and combine with high resolution iPad touch screens to deliver a striking visual game experience, complete with entertaining extras such as 3D physical simulation of dice rolls.

These iPad craps games are typically available to players as easily downloadable apps created for compatibility with iPad devices, and also as games that run on third-party applications such as Java or Flash to allow players to access the world of iPad craps directly from their iPad internet browsers. Players can also choose between taking advantage of free craps games, played to perfect their craps skills, learn more about betting strategies, or simply to enjoy premium free entertainment, or playing iPad craps for real money, giving them the chance to claim fantastic cash returns on their wagers straight from their chosen iPad devices right here.

iPad Craps Perks and Bonuses

When choosing to play for real money, iPad craps players will be glad to know that certain iPad River Belle casinos offering craps offer real money player accounts that are both quick to set up and easy to control, as players can often control all their casino-related banking straight from the comfort of their iPads! Opening a player account may also attract enticing craps bonuses and rewards; enjoy generous welcome bonuses as a new player, deposit bonuses upon making an initial deposit into your player account or use bonus codes to cash in on exciting no deposit bonuses while enjoying free iPad craps play! This range of great bonus offers is just one of many ways in which players will be rewarded when choosing to play the best iPad craps games straight from their trusty iPad.