Battlestar Galactica Slots Overview

Battlestar Galactica Slots Overview

June 6, 2019 Off By William Beck

Battlestar Galactica was a science fiction television series that came out during the 1990’s. Humanity had been all but destroyed, except for a small pocket that travels space looking for a safe place to recolonize. Battlestar Galactica the online slot has all the favourite characters of the television series as well as a number of special features.

The slot does not have the normal set of paylines, but instead runs on Microgaming’s 243 ways to win system. This means that the smallest wager amount allowed is 0.30, while high rollers can go all the way up to 300 coins per spin. This is a slot which will definitely appeal to science fiction fans, even if they have not seen the original TV series.

Television Style Graphics

The graphics in Battlestar Galactica the slot all look very much like the graphics from the TV show. Set against a starry background the five reels are made to look like the front window of the space ship from the series. The buttons at the bottom of the screen look like ships controls, and fit into the theme seamlessly.  Music from the show plays in the background, but can a bit incessant.

Realistic Character Symbols

Not all of the symbols in Battlestar Galactica are from the show. MicroGaming copped out a bit and added in some deck of cards icons, which definitely weren’t found in space, unless, possibly in the ship’s break room. These are of course at the bottom of the pay scale and can offer up to four coins for five of a kind.

From there we get the character symbols. These are all well known faces from the series. Tyrol and Ellen are at the bottom of the scale, followed closely by Helo and colonel Tigh. Six and Baltar are second from the top, awarding you with up to 15 coins for five of a kind. At the top of the space realm is Starbuck and Apollo. These guys can net you a total of 20 coins if you manage to find five of them in the correct order.

Ion Storm

This is one of Battlestar Galactica the slots main features. This gets triggered when three or more Battlestar Galactica scatter logos appear on your reels. When this happens you get 15 free spins. During these free spins the game will go into one of two modes which will affect the reels differently.

Run and Fight Mode

These are two modes that the game can play in. Each mode has a different effect on online betting NZ. The run mode causes certain symbols to transform into mystery symbols to create more wins. During this time all wins pay both left to right and right to left.

During the fight mode random symbols can turn wild, and even split to create new wild symbols. This could result in you ending up with fully wild reels. Free spins can also be retriggered during this mode if you manage to find any more Battlestar Galactica scatters.