Android Blackjack

Android Blackjack

July 31, 2018 Off By William Beck

Enjoy Android Blackjack Action Anytime, Anywhere

Immortalized in classic literature and in popular culture, Blackjack is one of the most well-known and popular card games in the world. The famous battle between the player and the dealer is no longer confined to the games tables of land-based casinos, thanks to Android Blackjack.

Thrilling digital versions of the game are available at top quality online and mobile casinos powered by industry-leading software developers such as Microgaming, Net Entertainment, PlayTech, and Realtime Gaming. Whether players are at home, at the office, or out and about, they can experience the adrenalin-pumping quest to get their cards as close to 21 as possible.

Download and No Download Games

The convenience and ease of playing Android Blackjack at River Belle casinos of the highest quality is made possible by state of the art download and no download playing options.

Most sites recommend that players download the app for their device, as it offers games and player services optimised for Android devices. However, if players want to enjoy instant access to excellent gaming without downloading apps, they can play no download Flash games in browser.

About Android Blackjack

The fantastic editions of Android Blackjack at top online casinos place a centuries-old game firmly within the 21st Century. They are the latest incarnation of a game that developed a few hundred years ago from a much earlier game known as Twenty One.

The Backjack player’s goal is to get the value of their hand of cards as close to 21 as possible. In the Android version of the game, the action takes place on a 3D animated games table, using a virtual deck of cards dealt by a random number generator programme.

At the start of Android Blackjack games, players use the Bet button to place their opening bets, and then use the Deal button to get the action going. Players receive two face up cards, while dealers receive one card face up, the other face down.

Players then need to calculate the value of their hand, consider the dealer’s face up card, and then decide whether to Hit and take another card; to Stand, and not take another card; to Split, and play each hand separately; or to Double Down, and double their bets before taking another card.

The best hand players could be dealt is the Ace-10 combination known as Blackjack. This king of combinations usually pays out three to two, where other winning combinations usually pay out one to one.

Other moves Android Blackjack players could make or elements they could encounter in these exciting games include Double 9-11, where players double down on their first two cards valued nine, 10, or 11; Double Any Two, where players double down on any first two-card combination; and 10-Card Charlie, where players win if the dealer does not receive the Blackjack combination when 10 cards are dealt.

Play Android Blackjack for Wins or Just for Fun

Players can take on the Android Blackjack dealer just for fun, by playing games for free using no deposit or free bets bonuses, or by playing trial versions of games.

These top online casinos also offer players banking services protected by data encryption technology, so players can place real money bets and win big if they beat the dealer.